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Educational Resources and Links

If you are looking for more information about springs or you are in search of classroom activities, you've come to the right place.

Teacher and Student Activities

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Download any of the suggested lessons and activities designed to support science, environmental education and social studies curriculums.

Water’s Journey; The Hidden Rivers of Florida Curriculum Guide

The producers of “Water’s Journey; The Hidden Rivers of Florida” video, Karst Productions, along with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection created a curriculum guide to use the video in a classroom to help increase awareness of responsible human action and conservation of our valuable water resources. The curriculum includes support specifically for 6th-8th grade educators.

Download Water's Journey: Hidden River Curriculum

Water's Journey: Hidden River Curriculum - 4.8MB

Download Waters Journey: Hidden River Curriculum Matrix

Waters Journey: Hidden River Curriculum Matrix - 33.0KB

Water's Journey: Hidden Rivers of Florida Video

Workshop request:

Would you like to request a hands-on “Water’s Journey: Hidden River” Curriculum Workshop for your fellow teachers or environmental educators? E-mail any staff of Florida Department of Environmental Protection’ s Office of Environmental Education to set up a face-to-face workshop at your school, church, community or environmental center Can’t fit a real-time training into your busy schedule? Ask about the on-line training available for a nominal fee through the North East Florida Educational Consortium.

FDEP Office of Environmental Education Contact List


Click on the links below for downloadable hands-on activities for a variety of school grade levels.

Grades 1 - 2

Download Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere - 532.3KB
Two activities that help students understand how we use water and that water is a limited resource.

Grades 3 - 5

Download Build Your Own Aquifer

Build Your Own Aquifer - 585.9KB
This activity lets students construct a model of the underground aquifer and observe how pollutants introduced to the land surface can harm drinking water.

Grades 6 - 8

Download Water's Journey Expedition

Water's Journey Expedition - 581.5KB
First activity challenges students' writing skills by requiring them to write about the Water's Journey Expedition. Second activity requires students to explore the Florida Springs website to identify and write about human impact on springs and the aquifer.

Grades 9 -12

Download Quenching the Thirst of Florida's Yards

Quenching the Thirst of Florida's Yards - 392.4KB
Requires students to evaluate water irrigation practices at their schools including calculating water usage, total area of school grounds irrigated, and recommending changes in landscaping to reduce or minimize water usage.

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Journey of Water Animation

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Learn about the water cycle and how water travels through the aquifer to form springs. Also, learn about the human impacts on springs.

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Links and Resources

The Links and Resources section will direct you to additional online resources for springs, water conservation, Florida-friendly landscaping, cave diving and more

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