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Friday, May 20th 2016

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Friday, May 20th, 2016

2016 National Speleological Society - Cave Diving Section Workshop

Runs through Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 

Time & Place

6:00 PM Friday, May 20 - Sunday, May 22
Robert B. Harkness Armory; 490 NW Lake Jeffery Road, Lake City, FL

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Join us for the 2016 NSS-CDS Workshop! This year's theme is "World Exploration - Expanding the Boundaries of Mankind".

Be sure to attend the Friday Night Social, held at the Swamp Head Brewery. This is a great kickoff to the Workshop with a time to socialize with friends and meet new ones.

Saturday presentations include:

  • Nathalie Lasselin - Exploring China: Is the Chines Du’An county, the new cave country? China might be the new destination for exploration of deep caves and yet it offers a lot of challenges. But the story behind it, is a story of passion and collaboration between a local government and dedicated cave divers. In this presentation, Nathalie will share with you the behind the scene of the birth of a new cave diving destination.
  • Charles Roberson - Cathedral Exploration: Cathedral Canyon was explored in the 1980s by Sheck Exley, again in 2003-04 by Todd Leonard and Bjarne Knudsen, and most recently in 2015-16 by Charlie Roberson and Jon Bernot. Join Charlie as he discusses the history of exploration as well as the latest efforts to explore and map the Falmouth-Cathedral cave system.
  • Michael Angelo - Archiving our Caves: When I became Conservation Chairman for the NSS-CDS I realized two things
    1) You can’t conserve a cave system if you don’t know what’s in it and why it’s there.
    2) Being the Chairman of a committee of one is, well, rather lonely.
    My solution? Find some friends and call them a committee. Use scientific methods to create an archive of several area Springs in multiple ways. Along the way, inspire conservation. Michael Angelo will speak on this new project and explain how “WE are Stronger then ME”
  • Dr. Thomas Iliffe - Christmas Island's Hidden Life: Christmas Island is a limestone capped, volcanic seamount in the Indian Ocean. In March 2013, a National Geographic funded expedition consisting of expert biologists and cave divers from the US and Australia set out to explore and scientifically document the mysteries inside numerous caves around and under the island. Our goal was to dive, explore and collect animals from both inland and submarine caves , photographically document these caves and their rare fauna, and use this information to assist in justifying protection and preservation of these unique habitats.
  • Weeki Wachee - Karst Underwater Research: This first-magnitude spring near the west coast of Florida is home to an old Florida tourist attraction - live mermaid shows in the spring basin where a viewing theatre has been built to allow visitors to watch breath-holding swimmers perform a theatrical underwater show. The huge amount of water coming from the spring makes it impossible to enter the cave system except at times of exceptional drought, and even then it is a hazardous entrance that only the strongest divers are able to manage. Beyond that obstacle is over a mile of spectacular deep cave passage that has been seen by only a handful of divers. Tucked away in the woods on the same property is another much smaller spring, Twin Dees, that has a different entrance challenge: a 40-foot vertical body-tube that opens into a small silty cave passage. Eventually this leads to an enormous underground room, which is fed by an equally enormous cave passage at depths of 300-340 feet. This is the story of the exploration of these two very different cave systems, their eventual connection in September 2014, and the new passage that has been discovered since then.
  • Decompression - Joe Dituri: Joseph Dituri is a retired Navy Commander and saturation diving officer with 28 years of diving and salvage experience. He is a Cave instructor trainer and is also the vice president of IANTD, the largest technical diver training organization in the world.
  • The Zodiac System - Christina Zenato: Rob Palmer’s name is connected forever with this system. Left dormant for thirty years, besides few explorers diving it occasionally, Cristina has recently resumed a constant exploration and completed some interesting discoveries and connection, turning the Zodiac System into the Zodiac Connection.

    Under the Explorers Flag #207 she has recently embarked in furthering the exploration of the Zodiac System on Sweetings Cay, Grand Bahama Island. The information gathered from this ongoing project proves the importance of the recent decision of the Bahamian government to extend protection over the whole area.

There will be a Rebreather / DPV Demo Day on May 22 at Ginnie Springs from 10:00AM - 3:00 PM.

The Saturday Night Social will be held from 7:30PM to ? at Gators Dockside in Lake City.

There will be Sunday guided cave dives to Little River, Peacock 1, Orange Grove, Ginnie / Devil's Eye and Eagle's Nest (Trimix, Full Cave, Abe Davis) caves.

Registration information available at the website below:

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