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Wakulla Springs: A Giant Among Us

Tucked away in a forest near Tallahassee, Wakulla Spring is a giant among springs, a natural wonder without equal. Its cool water emerge from a massive cave system after traveling through the aquifer from as far away as Georgia. Wakulla Spring has fascinated people for thousands of years, and today it teaches us about the flow of water underground and what we must do to protect it. Learn about this gentle giant and the jewel of the Edward Ball Wakulla Spring State Park.

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Exploring Wakulla Spring

From Florida's first residents to today's visitors and explorers, Wakulla Spring has attracted people for more than 12,000 years. It is the centerpiece of a 6,000-acre state park and wildlife sanctuary that offers a truly unique Florida experience. Follow the links below and discover the magic and majesty of Wakulla Spring.

Protecting The Springshed

Contained within a large state park, Wakulla Spring appears protected from the rapidly developing world around it. However, population growth and changes within Wakulla Spring's extensive springshed are having an impact on this giant but fragile spring ecosystem. Explore the springshed and learn what is necessary to protect Wakulla Spring for future generations.

Visiting Wakulla Spring

The Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park is one of Florida's great natural and cultural resources. Use the map to plan your visit to Wakulla Spring and learn about nearby attractions.

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