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Exploring Wakulla Spring

From Florida's first residents to today's visitors and explorers, Wakulla Spring has attracted people for more than 12,000 years. It is the centerpiece of a 6,000-acre state park and wildlife sanctuary that offers a truly unique Florida experience. Follow the links below and discover the magic and majesty of Wakulla Spring.

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The Spring Basin

A four-acre natural pool forms above the deep Wakulla Spring cave. In the basin, swimmers escape the heat with a plunge into the cool waters or visitors gaze into the depths for a glimpse at fossilized mastodon bones and a piece of Wakulla's past.

The River

The Wakulla River flows south from the spring basin, providing habitat for a variety of Florida wildlife. Within the park boundaries, the Wakulla River is a protected wildlife sanctuary offering one of the most unique wildlife viewing experiences in Florida.

Wakulla Lodge & Facilities

Standing today as it did when built in 1937, Wakulla Springs Lodge has been changed only for improvements in comfort and safety, offering visitors a timeless glimpse into Florida's past.

Park Environs

The park offers visitors thousands of acres of swamp and upland habitats to explore. Take a hike in the woods to experience Florida nature at its best.

Wakulla Through Time

For more than 12,000 years humans have been drawn to Wakulla Spring for its cool, clear waters. Learn about Wakulla Spring's rich history from the prehistoric to the present.

Virtual Cave Dive

Take a virtual journey into Wakulla Spring's cave system and view areas seen by only a few brave explorers.


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