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Protecting The Springshed

Contained within a large state park, Wakulla Spring appears protected from the rapidly developing world around it. However, population growth and changes within Wakulla Spring's extensive springshed are having an impact on this giant but fragile spring ecosystem. Explore the springshed and learn what is necessary to protect Wakulla Spring for future generations.

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Threats and Solutions

Government agencies, scientists and citizens are at work to understand and minimize human impacts on Wakulla Spring.

Springshed Map

View a map of springsheds in the Tallahassee region to understand how groundwater flows to Wakulla Spring and learn about human impacts within the springshed.

Government & Citizen Action

Protecting Wakulla Spring for future generations requires the cooperation of local, state and federal agencies and grassroots citizens groups. Learn about the groups working to protect Wakulla Spring and other nearby springs.

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