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Threats and Solutions

Government agencies, scientists and citizens are at work to understand and minimize human impacts on Wakulla Spring.

There are numerous potential threats to the aquifer and Wakulla Spring. Learn about the individuals and organizations working to understand and minimize human impacts on Wakulla Spring.

Tracing the Path of Stormwater

Polluted stormwater flows off of streets and yards into sinkholes where it disappears underground. Hydrogeologist Todd Kincaid learns where it ends up.

Springs Ambassador and Sinkhole Savior

As Wakulla Springs Ambassador, Cal Jamison is on a mission to save sinkholes. Jamison's efforts are focusing needed attention on the importance of Wakulla county sinkholes.

Steward of Wakulla Spring

Sandy Cook, former Park Manager at Wakulla Spring State Park, shares a unique perspective on one of Florida's crown jewel state parks.

Keeping a River Tradition Alive

Park Ranger Don Gavin follows in the footsteps of his relatives and helps keep a rich tradition of storytelling alive on the Wakulla River.

Silence of the Limpkins

Why have the limpkin and its primary food source the apple snail all but disappeared from Wakulla Spring. Writer Susan Cerulean explores the connection between the invasive plant hydrilla and the disappearance of the apple snail. (Downloadable PDF - 3Mb) Requires Adobe Reader

Unraveling the Nitrate Mystery

A new study looks at Tallahassee's Southeast Farm in an attempt to identify sources of nitrates that may harm spring ecosystems.

Safe Septic Systems

Proper installation and maintenance of septic systems is essential to the protection of the aquifer and groundwater supply.

Protecting Land in the Springshed

New standards for development recognize the fragile nature of springsheds and can help local governments protect natural resources like Wakulla Spring.

Springscaping for a Healthy Aquifer

Fertilizers and pesticides applied to residential lawns are significant sources of pollutants to the aquifer.

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