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Water’s Journey: Hidden Rivers of Florida

To appreciate the unique qualities of Florida's springs, we need to understand the story of water. It's the amazing journey of water over hundreds of thousands of years from sky to the ground and through the aquifer that has helped shape the magnificent springs in Florida.

In 2001, a team of journalists and filmmakers joined together to document water's downstream journey to understand how water moves through our lives, the aquifer and gives rise to Florida's amazing springs.

Relive the journey through the stories below and meet the people behind the Florida Springs online expedition.

Water's Journey Begins in the Heart of Karst Country

Water's Journey Begins in the Heart of Karst Country. The team learns about the source of springs and the importance of protecting springsheds.

Exploring Wakulla Springs: One Small Step for Inner Space

Students join the expedition as the team explores one of the largest spring caves in the world.

Mapping Water's Journey: Connecting the Aquifer with Life Above Ground

Our journey through the aquifer takes the dive team under gas lines, highways, farm fields, and the salad bar of a local restaurant.

Stepping Back in Time on the Ichetucknee

The expedition team travels down the Ichetucknee River, a spring protection success story.

Understanding Sinkholes: Seeing the Water Beyond the Springs

Understanding Sinkholes: Seeing the Water Beyond the Springs The expedition team learns about the importance of protecting sinkholes in order to protect the aquifer.

Suwannee River Estuary: The End of Water's Journey

The expedition team explores the Suwannee River to document the downstream influence of clean spring water.

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