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Expedition Team Profiles

About the Expedition Teams

Fusionspark Media and Karst Production collaborated in 2001 to produce including a webcast expedition following the journey of water. Below are the profiles of the original members of the documentary team who produced the expedition stories.

Wes Skiles (1957 - 2010)

Water's Journey Film Series

Image of Wes Skiles Portrait - small

Wes Skiles explored and filmed the World for nearly 40 years. He was best known for his camera work in both still photography and motion pictures. His passion was reflected in his award-winning work as director, writer and cameraman on adventure science, exploration films. He was also a long time contract photographer and videographer for National Geographic Magazine.

His Company Karst Productions, Inc. has been one of the leading pioneers in High Definition Filmmaking including credits with all major networks, IMAX, and feature films. Most recently Wes was Director of Photography for the new Hi-Speed Series, Time Warp for Discovery Channel.

Wes, a passionate advocate of Florida springs protection, passed away in July 2010. Please see this tribute page to Wes.

Jill Heinerth

Water's Journey Film

Image of Jill Heinerth Portrait - small

Producer for the "Water's Journey" film documentary, Jill Heinerth has participated in diving expeditions including remote Siberia, Antarctica and Bermuda. Some of Jill’s numerous professional diving, photographic and filmmaking awards include being named a “Living Legend” by Sport Diver Magazine, being inducted into the inaugural class of the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame and being honored as Canadian Technical Diver of the Year. She has authored numerous books on technical diving and photography.

Russell Sparkman

Executive Producer and Photographer

Image of Russell Sparkman Portrait - small

Russell Sparkman, founder of FusionSpark Media, is the digital photographer and executive producer for the springs online expedition. Sparkman is also creator of the award-winning wilderness documentary web production He is the co-author of Essentials of Digital Photography and also serves on the board of directors of Blue Earth Alliance, a nonprofit organization supporting environmental and cultural photo-documentary projects.

Kevin Sparkman

Executive Producer

Image of Kevin Sparkman Portrait - small

Kevin is co-founder of Fusionspark Media and has spearheaded many of the company's interactive and new media projects in Florida including Florida Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems, Florida's Water: Ours to Protect and Florida-Friendly Landscaping. As children, Kevin and his brother and partner Russell lived in the only home on the west side of the Volusia Blue Spring run, now Blue Springs State Park. Their long-time appreciation for and understanding of springs was shaped by their early experiences at Blue Spring. Kevin has more than 25 years of experience in marketing communications and journalism. He is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia where he received his degree in Journalism.

Peter Lane Taylor

Writer and Associate Producer

Image of Peter Lane Taylor portrait - small

Peter Lane Taylor is an explorer, photographer, author, and documentary film producer focusing on extreme science and adventure subject matter. Peter's award-winning new book, Science at the Extreme, which chronicles the work of scientists who risk their lives in the field to understand planet earth, was the subject of profiles in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Los Angeles Times, as well as programs on National Public Radio and BBC World Service Radio.

Toby Malina

Field Technician and Audio Technician

Image of Toby Malina

Toby Malina is the technical wizard behind FusionSpark Media's online documentary expeditions, ensuring that digital images, audio, and video make it from remote wilderness areas back to the home production team via satellite telephone. She has spent the past thirteen years working in the technical field including seven years as the Technical and Editorial Director for Thunder Lizard Productions.

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