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Florida Springs Institute

About Us

The Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute is a science-based educational nonprofit organization. Our organization’s main focus is to document and protect Florida’s springs to ensure access to clean drinking water for current and future generations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Springs Institute is to provide a focal point for improving the understanding of springs ecology and to foster the development of science-based education and management actions needed to restore and protect springs throughout Florida.

Our Vision

Florida’s springs and rivers have long been known as premiere natural vacation destinations, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to our local economy. Many are unaware that the source that feeds these biologically and economically rich oases is the Floridan Aquifer, which also provides 90% of our drinking water. This once pure, bountiful water source has fallen victim to excessive groundwater pumping and nutrient pollution, which threatens our health and quality of life. The time is now to protect Florida’s springs and aquifer. The Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute is working to recommend management actions that will preserve the Floridan Aquifer, restore our waterways, and ensure access to clean water for all.

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