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Help Protect Springs

Everyone who lives in or visits Florida can have a role in protecting the aquifer and the state's magnificent springs.

Start in your own yard with landscaping to save water and minimize use of fertilizers and pesticides. Learn how you can get involved in your community to promote land preservation to protect critical springshed areas and land features like sinholes that lead directly into the aquifer. Support political and community leaders that are committed to springs protection.

Landscaping for Springs Protection

Outdated landscaping practices that emphasize large lawns requiring heavy irrigation and fertilizer use threaten springs, the aquifer as well as rivers, lakes and bays. Learn how to landscape to protect Florida's waters.

Good Neighbors: Springs Protection Sucess Stories

There are many great examples of individuals and groups taking steps to reduce their impacts on the springs. Read some stories about those working to protect springs and the aquifer.

How You Can Help

Whether you live one mile or 10 miles from a Florida spring, you have an impact on the health of the aquifer and the springs. Learn about the steps you can take today to help protect springs.


Help Protect Our Magnificent Springs

Image of Flowing forth from this first magnitude headspring, as well as seven other springs, the Ichetucknee river system is one of the most pristine in the state of Florida.

Learn about efforts to protect the state's major spring systems. Make a donation or volunteer to help protect springs.

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