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Good Neighbors: Springs Protection Sucess Stories

There are many great examples of individuals and groups taking steps to reduce their impacts on the springs. Read some stories about those working to protect springs and the aquifer.

Protecting springs requires the cooperation of many different people and groups. Protection efforts range from homeowners rethinking the way that they landscape to major land acquisitions in springsheds. All stories have a common theme. They involve people who care enough to make a difference.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping - Sowing Seeds of Protection

Spring protection begins at home... in the yard. This is precisely the message the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program has taken to the streets.

North Florida Dairy Farming

It's not easy running one of the largest dairy farms in Florida. It's even harder managing the waste from about nine-thousand cows. One farmer is leading the way in helping to protect ground water and the aquifer.

Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Protecting springs often requires focusing efforts on land miles from the spring itself. Learn how springshed protection helped protect Ichetucknee Springs.

Citizen Participation: One Voice

Springs protection is largely a local issue. It requires action by citizens to affect change in local land planning policies. Learn how one person's lifelong passion helped protect a local spring.

Citizen Participation: Wakulla

Learn how a couple of dozen acres of land became a legal and ideological battleground for springs protection.

Rainbow Springs

Creating a harmonious relationship between a residential golf community and a nearby spring is a challenge. One developer faced up to the challenge to demonstrate that development can coexist with springs protection.

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