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North Florida Audio Transcripts

This page contains the transcripts of audio tracks included in the Good Neighbors: Springs Protection Sucess Stories.

Got Solutions?

Don Bennink
Obviously, to stay in business, I've got to pay the bills. We've also got to protect what's here We've got to preserve it both for ourselves and the people that follow us, so I don't place one over the other, I think they're both a necessity and one without the other is not compatible. If we can't make this economical, we cant afford to put for the practices that are going to give the water the protection, and if we don't give the water the protection we need, we can't operate without good water.

Don Bennink
We're looking at a spray system from our lagoon. This would be wash water that has been through some animal housing and the water has been separated from the solids and we're spraying this on this active growing grass.

Wes Skiles
The farmers traditionally have been thought of as the bad guys by environmentalists. The farmers have always been appreciated here, locally, as the people that give us produce, that make USA-made food products. And they're a vital part of our community; very important to us. The people think, and rightfully so, believe that the farmers are polluting the groundwater. Well, the farmers said, "Okay, what could we do differently." And they listened and they started changing their practices. And those practices are called BMP's. And we have almost a hundred percent success record of farmers initiating self-regulation of taking on new practices to change the way they farm so as not to hurt the environment. And so, they're changing. So, they're making the step. Let's have everybody make the step. Let's all be a part of the solution, and not the problem.

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