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Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping of garbage, chemicals and other human refuse into sinkholes can lead to the rapid contamination of the aquifer and springs.



Image of Even car batteries can be found in sinkholesZoom+ Even car batteries can be found in sinkholes © Wes Skiles

Throughout the state sinkholes have been targets for illegal dumping for many years. Yet, sinkholes don't make trash go away. Instead, dangerous refuse such as lead-acid batteries, oil filters, household chemicals, and construction materials are introduced directly into the aquifer, our water supply and springs. Illegal dumping into sinkholes can also have a negative impact on plants and animals in the springs. Sinkholes located in urban areas or close to roads and parking lots are particularly vulnerable to illegal dumping. In 1998, volunteers removed more than a one and a half tons of debris from Columbia County's Rose Sink alone.

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