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Ginnie Springs Outdoors

The clear, bluish water of Ginnie Spring and several other springs in the Ginnie Springs Recreation Area have attracted visitors for generations. Ginnie Springs Outdoors is located approximately 6.5 miles northwest of High Springs, on the south side of the picturesque Santa Fe River.

The park is very popular with open-water divers and cave divers due to the clear water, sand and limestone bottom, and extensive cave system associated with these springs. When the Santa Fe River is high, however, and the floodplain is under water, visibility is decreased due to the natural tannins in the river water.

Because the springs are located like a string of pearls along the Santa Fe River, it is easy to paddle a canoe or kayak or simply float down the river or “go tubing” to visit each one.

Visitors can also snorkel at each spring, as long as they have the appropriate diver flag and float. Other than the scuba-diving and swimming access areas, the waterfront is a natural mix of cypress or hardwood trees. Turtles resting on logs and wading birds perched along the shoreline are common sights.

Image of The clear, cool water of Ginnie Spring is enticing to swimmers, snorkelers, and divers.Zoom+ The clear, cool water of Ginnie Spring is enticing to swimmers, snorkelers, and divers. © Harley Means/DEP

Upland amenities include both wilderness and vehicle camping sites, covered picnic areas, a volleyball court, and a playground for children. A campground store sells supplies and rents recreational gear. The dive shop also offers dive training and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification.

At a Glance:

Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking/canoeing, wildlife viewing, picnic areas, children’s playground, volleyball

Entrance Fee: Yes

Scuba Diving: Yes

Onsite Camping: Yes

Dogs Allowed: No

Type of Park: Privately operated

Address and Contact Information:

5000 Northeast 60th Avenue
High Springs, FL 32643

Phone: (386) 454–7188

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