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Pitt Spring Recreation Area

Pitt Spring is just one of many springs along Econfina Creek and one of the most popular in the area for recreation. The water from this 11-foot-deep spring vent emerges from beneath a submerged limestone ledge into a 40-foot-diameter pool, and then flows through a short 50-foot run to the creek.

Pitt Spring, Sylvan Springs, and multiple small springs contribute to the clear water of Econfina Creek.

The 10-acre recreation area, managed by the Northwest Florida Water Management District, is in a natural setting of native forest that includes trails and access to other springs. The District recently completed restoration activities and recreational improvements to address shoreline erosion and to provide improved recreational access and opportunities, including an extensive trail and boardwalk system. One of the trails/boardwalks leads from Pitt Spring to the Sylvan Spring area, and includes an overlook and a tubing put-in dock. A tubing take-out dock has been constructed at the confluence of Pitt Spring run and Econfina Creek. The Pitt Spring shoreline was restored to a more natural condition, with large limerock boulders between native trees and shrubs. Swimmers can access the water by stairway access. Covered picnic pavilions and a state-of the-art restroom are available in the uplands around Pitt Spring.

Image of The restoration of Pitt Spring is complete!Zoom+ The restoration of Pitt Spring is complete!

At a Glance:

Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, tubing, nature walk, birding

Entrance Fee: No

Scuba Diving: No

Onsite Camping: No

Dogs Allowed: No, except for Service Animals

Type of Park: Operated by the Northwest Florida Water Management District

Location: Bay County–Lat. 30° 25’ 58.68” N., Long. 85° 32’ 47.14” W.

Address and Contact Information:

Northwest Florida Water Management District

81 Water Management Drive
Havana, FL 32333-4712
(Note: This is the address for the water management district office, not this recreation area)

Phone: (850) 539–5999 (Northwest Florida Water Management District general office number)

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