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Springs From the Air

Soar with us as we explore the aerial wonder of some of Central Florida's most dynamic springs.

Dive into a Florida Spring

Use the Springs Locator Map to find a spring near you. Learn about all the things you can do at a spring.

Step Into Springs History

Long before theme parks, Florida's springs were the original tourist attractions drawing people from around the country to experience their clear, cool waters.

A Giant Among Us

Discover Wakulla Spring, one of the world's largest freshwater spring systems located just south of the City of Tallahassee.

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Visit a Florida Spring

Springs Locator Map

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Springs Recreation

Image of Swimmer at Wakulla - thumb for home page

Diving, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, wildlife watching or simply cooling off. Dive in now!


Manatee Viewing at Blue Springs and Crystal River

Glassbottom boat tours at Silver Spring and Wakulla Spring


Springs Protection

Featured Springs BasinsImage of Dye trace study at ames sink

Learn about efforts to protect and restore critically important springs.


A Springs Expedition

Image of After periods of heavy rain, the water flowing from Wakulla Springs goes "black" with tannins from trees and decaying vegetation, reducing the visibility for cave divers to as little as twenty feet.

Re-live the stories of a web expedition documenting the hidden rivers of Florida.

Discover Wakulla Springs, the Giant Among Springs.

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