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Learn About Springs

Learn About Springs

Springs like Ichetucknee Spring dot the north Florida landscape like liquid jewels. Learn where their mysterious waters come from.

What accident of geology enabled springs to form? What plants and animals live in and around a spring ecosystem today? Explore below to learn more about the journey of water through the springs and the life that springs support.

Journey of Water

Interactive Springs Feature

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Take an interactive tour in this click-through presentation to understand the journey of water to the springs.

Learn about the water cycle and how water moves through the Floridan aquifer, supporting springs and the residents of Florida. Also, discover how human activities impact the quality and quantity of water in the aquifer and ultimately in the springs.


Hidden Rivers of Florida

Documentary Film Feature

Image of Diver in cave hidden rivers film - bridge page

A team of underwater cave explorers journey into Florida's aquifer and connect springs to everyday life and threats above ground.

Springs Plants and Animals

Spring ecosystems are full of life, literally. Learn about the reptiles and amphibians, fish, birds and mammals found in and around springs.


Educational Resources

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Bring the springs into the classroom with lesson plans and classroom activities.

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